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Sunday, September 30, 2007

This in some small way will give insight to where my heart is and how I feel about some of the chain of events hurting America.

December 23, 2006

It's time to clean our house America! Time to rise above and no longer create the fray. Time to find a way to victory with words and deeds not missiles and the down side of depleted Uranium and land mines! Respect for all of Gods children comes to my mind, after all, America professes to be 90% Christian! Why does one run for office today? The actions of certain leaders these last years does not resemble that of patriots hell bent on doing what's right! Does America have one voice? Just one voice that stands on firm ground influenced by conscience and integrity, and not the greedy bottom line? Where have all the Statesmen gone? Then the thought should be! If there were one voice with the courage to lead wisely will that voice survive the onslaught of garbage delivered by those who have an agenda which does not even remotely look like Democracy in action? What's happened to this Republic? What's happened to the heart that once was America?

With all our warts, and we do have our share, at least America began to grow into a nation which began to rise from out of the ashes and address the slavery issue, the demeaning of women and workers, prejudice, the right to vote, etc. For one very brief moment America almost became Camelot! But have we ever really risen to the height of clearly defending all peoples of our Country? Native Americans come to mind! I know for a fact that our government has and continues to act in ways that are not remotely in the best interest of these folks who live on these reservations.

Then there's our interference in the politics of other nations! For years we were told it was to prevent communism from reaching and taking over our country! The hysteria created during the A-bomb era was ridiculous! Look at what the hysteria over 9/11 has caused! Fear worked during the cold war period! Fear has proven to be profitable for all those who have learned that using our fear against us, works! My god! Wake up America! It's been an expensive ride and only a few have been on the receiving end of any real advantages! Take a good look at what's happening to our nation! We're in over our heads (Trillions in debt) and who do you think will suffer the most? All those wealthy folks given all those tax breaks or the war profiteers cleaning up? What about the many Americans forced to live day by day! Folks desperate to escape the deadly maze of networks they inherited from those who have abused their power! All those Americans who have been deserted by the turncoat in the White house! I'm not a complainer and anyone who knows me well will say this is so! I'm a survivor in spite of the challenges that I, my family and some friends, have been going through over these many years! I'm a realist today not the dreamer I once was! But, I still Dare To Dream! Because when all is said and done I believe in the Christ' message! Many leaders use "The Word" to control us but have little understanding nor respect for the messenger! Jesus, and the message he was conveying to his apostles & disciples does not remotely thrive within the corridors of Washington! So many hypocrites! So few humble servants of the Christ! So many Washington insiders conveniently forgetting who they were elected to serve!

Dreadful, insatiable greed coming from those of means who have enough to feed thousands of families and yet, they give no thought to it! They get their hand out! They receive huge tax breaks on the backs of the multitude! The spirit of the multitude is then systematically and most effectively broken. What are they left with? I'm still the idealist though! I've been accused of this over the years as well as being told I was naive! I have had to admit that there is some truth to this! But I'm no longer a girl! I'm a full blown women who has lived and learned over the years that idealists are few and far between and they will be shot down by those who are threatened by this unselfish way of looking at life! Wellstone comes to mind!

Having been a singer for more years, then most stay on one job, I know the sweet taste of success! I'm not speaking of financial success but the success that comes in the knowing that what I accomplished was a job well done! For the artist to reach their (live) audience is never easy! When you are performing to a multitude of folks you're confronted with all manner of personalities and encounter some who are not even likeable! To quiet the savage beast within and have them as quiet as a mouse, listening to your song, and the message you are delivering, takes tenacity and heart! Funny, but I noticed that these unlikable folks were the first to stand on their feet and give you that standing ovation that declares; You've reached my heart! Job well done! If this sounds conceited then those who view it as such have never been disciplined, nor sacrificed to accomplish something that you can feel proud about and for that, I am sorry. But I have reached a place and a time in my life where I have earned the right to say what's on my mind! In one of the books I'm working on I will expand further on this subject and that wondrous side of my life's experiences which was lived as a performer!

But today I'm concerned about the direction of my nation and the lady, who still Dares To Dream, Dreams of a better day for all Americans and prays that we as a people will once again rise out of the ashes of despair! Exploring greater avenues of communication with peoples from other parts of the world! I have always believed in my nation!

I have learned that she, like a spoiled child, has not always set a good example! But like a child, after all America is a young nation, she can grow out of this sordid period of her countries history and move into the light of a more wondrous tomorrow! She cannot do it alone though! We The People have an obligation to rise to the occasion and give it our best shot!! But this will not happen unless leaders serving our nations people serve wisely, compassionately! It can never work as long as leaders are allowed to be perniciously absorbed with their personal agendas.... The bad faith actions of America's leadership and their abuse of power are unquestionable the enemy of our nation! The truth is that many believe Americans may be awakening to the truth all too late! I fear they may be right! I pray each and every day that the soothsayers, many of whom are very wise people, will be proven wrong!

America must defeat the enemy bleeding her dry from within! Before Americans can offer gifts of democracy to others in the world she had better get that speck out of her own eye! God "does not" bless hypocrites! Assume Nothing! Question Everything! Barbara/founder/DTDN When Dreams Die, we all lose, and, So Goes Greatness! Dan, James, Charles, Jan, Gene The DTDN team.

To quote John Lennon: “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one! Was Paul Murdered? I watched, via the TV, as Paul Wellstone stood up and spoke out proudly for something real, not imagined! truth! Paul was not afraid to say what had to be said! I held my breath as this unusual leader spoke truth to power! He was against war! Paul blew my mind with his openness and I was truly concerned for his safety! What a sad, convenient for some, chain of events that took the one voice of reason coming out of Washington!

Where are the Gandhi's, Mother Theresa's, Martin Luther kings of the world? What would Jesus do if he were in the world today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When signing the petition please mention the Mountain Gorilla! During this turmoil in Uganda the Mountain Gorilla has been very vulnerable! They have been shot being left to die and some killed for food! One young female watched and mourned over the body of her dieing mom. She was then taken to be sold to a zoo! The Germans have been known to spend large sums to have the hand of a male. yes I said the hand!

The numbers are where they were then about 300 if not lower when Dian Fossey spent her remaining life and indeed gave it up to bring light to this magnificent animals dilemma! The Mountain Gorilla has been on the edge of extinction for many years now! That alone should be reason enough for the more intelligent animal (tongue in cheek) Man to do something constructive, productive yesterday so that we don't lose this beautiful, intelligent, shy, gentle primate giant! God! They are so magnificent! Why is it that so few see that? Dian Fossey gave up her life to protect and bring light to the plight mountain gorilla. The Mountain Gorilla is running out of time! Sign the petition! [edit]



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