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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Americas √Člitist, The Eat Cake Gang

In the last several days I have received two scathing accounts of the after math of Katrina reporting the actions of some citizens of New Orleans. In my opinion, both hatefully directed towards the poor who have found themselves, over the years, for whatever reason, at the mercy of the welfare system , and now after Katrina, at the mercy of the Bushite government...

I see a pattern here, much like the one that arose when old man Bush was President and Vice President before then. We all know, or should know by now that Bush was indeed the President and Reagan nothing more then the invention of the media deceivers, much like the _____ child in the White house at the moment.

Now don't get me wrong I know there are deadbeats in this world as I have met my share over the years. There will always be deadbeats... Cest La Vie...

But these accounts are so angry, directed solely towards the deadbeats that they distort and twist the real horror of Katrina in such a manner that you may find that it's designed to forget the victims. Like the 2000 children who are still unaccounted for... Hundreds of nursing home deaths... Many old and disabled,
good folks, folks who worked thier entire lives caught in Katrinas wrath with no way out...!

I cannot fathom the horror of it.. No car! No local assistance! Doctors, caregivers, the strong, the weak were in need. Were they not all victims of this storms fury.? Where was the outside help? Castro and Chavez offered immediate assistance! Offered! But what about president GWB who turned down these offers? The American president ate his dinner, rested in the safety of the peoples house as his countryman, suffered and died, day after day!

Certainly it can be said and with little doubt, unless you happen to live in outer space, the response of the GWB under his one umbrella team was out to lunch, until well after Katrina had her way with New Orleans, or could it be said, GWB and his team, had it thier way!

I have several reliable sources who were there and some are there at this very moment. They tell quite a different story then this doctor from Mississippi... Trust, it will come out in time...Shit always has a way of rising to the surface...

The Bushites held the White house for 12 years and they have done it again, but only after torturing Clinton and our nation for eight of the years in-between. Now we're into the 5th year of daft king George the 2nd! His father, Chaney and Rove have the reigns of the White house and are undermining our Bill of Rights and Constitution to further their agenda, which started many years ago. They are ever growing their evil strangle hold on our entire nation while usurping her dreams and hopes for the future of all her peoples.

Spewing out their vileness! Threatening or waging unjust wars. Justifying thier lawless actions against the less powerful of our society. Stealing Elections! Re: Tom DeLay... Relentlessly participating in the murder of innocence in Iraq while sacrificing our loved ones here and abroad to further "The immoral Bushite Agenda"...

Millions of Americas' more recent poor were once the middle class! Remember the farmers serious decline during the Reagan/Bush years! Remember yet, the billions if not trillions of dollars spent on the military complex at that same time. The corporate take over of many of these family farms, the illegal mergers then and now..! Many hard working Americans have been brought down to the level of poverty! Unable to afford decent health care, decent food! Utility bills have doubled in many states! Gas in Americas vehicles is a luxury item for the worker, an additional nail in his or her coffin. Americans are losing thier homes at an alarming rate! Bankruptcy is at an all time high! It has been said, not since the great depression, have so many lost so much..

All instigated and perpetuated by the covetous immoral Bushite Gang! They're siphoning off the life's blood of many hardy Americans. Most of these covetous liars have gotten billions in corporate welfare, to pull their corporations out of the mire which they created, and still they're going under!

Everyday more and more Americans are waking up as Americas new poor. Thugs have taken over the White house, the congress, main stream media. They have dared out into the light like the blood suckers they are. spewing their bold pernicious spin, using the public air waves to undermine our freedoms, bend the truth, brain wash the weak, all designed to put the finishing touches on the dastardly deeds of the last 25 years... "Bring America and her American working class to their knees"..... "Americas √Člitist; The Eat Cake Gang"

I realize that there are ingrates in this world! Those who will never be satisfied nor have the ability, nor the desire, to heal their wounds. They will air their negative feelings where ever and how ever they can, as probably did occur in New Orleans... But I say, so What! Many a good folk in New Orleans may have been deeply wounded.. Surely many were understandably angered by the lack of early humane intervention.. I know that many of you, and I too, would have been deeply wounded, disillusioned with our country had we lost a loved one to Katrina.

Reasonable people know full well that humane thoughtful consideration by our nations LEADERS could have alleviated much of the pain and suffering of Katrinas victims, saved lives!

It isn't only that people died but that people are ill and will become ill from a slew of illnesses that could have been prevented... Where were the first responders! Where were those who could support the right of the needy to take water, food and dry clothes without threat of being fired on? Zero Tolorance?

This Presidents insensitivity is deadly.......So was the La. Governors remark : "Shoot to kill"... What about those who were taking water, food to survive? Shoot to Kill! Zero Tolerance!

"Zero Tolorance, Fire the Looters in the White House"


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