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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Greed & Lust for Power has the Upper Hand in these lives

I firmly feel that those like Pat R., Jimmy S., J. Fallwell, etc, are an embarrassment to those who understand the true teachings of the true, gentle, loving, Christ! It is an abomination what these preachers really believe in their hearts and spew out of their corrupt mouths!

Greed and lust for power has the upper hand in the lives of these men such as Robertson. If they ever knew the heart and vision of the Christ, it's long since past! I understand Pat R. is worth somewhere around one billion dollars... The only reason Mr. Robertson is against the war is, as he put it, it cost money...

What about the lost lives and the lost souls who have forever lost a loved one to this violence Mr. Robertson... What about them?... And just what is it that you don't like about Venezuela's 'LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT, Chavez? Is it the way he is giving back the land to it's original land owners, who were duped out of their ownership years ago by the likes of us... Chavez wishes for his people/farmers to serve their people first, with the fruits of their labors... Something America would do well to think about...

Corporations are taking over and dominating our fertile lands and what do you suppose that will mean someday? We are genetically altering our lands and the things we grow or raise... After all, this action we see before us, we were warned of, as it is biblical!!!



Anonymous marjolein said...

I think here u see the words, off a great thinker, emphatic and freeminded, she uses her abilleties, at her best, not anyone is able to do this, but more then u see online or in ur surroundings, most off the ppl wont ever take this upon them giving effort and time, like i can only, if u only do a part, or try to be a stepping stone, in any positif way, like this lady, then u fullfill ur goal, u were ment to get, here on earth and like she does, even more then that, being here for eachother, thats all. excuses for my bad english, i am dutch by native, marjolein soederhuizen

2:17 PM  

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