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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Watada, courage to Speak Truth to Power

Calvin, I have to admit had I not come back to take a closer look I would not have realized what you were doing here! What I read sounds like hate!I'm glad I came back for a deeper look! You see, at the moment, I'm working for my network DareToDreamNetwork. We're doing whatever we are able to assist this young man, Watada!

We at Dare To Dream Network see Watada as a hero during a time when they are being killed off by this deadly administrations illegal war! Watada has had the courage to Speak Truth to Power and that is so refreshing during a time when even our Washington leaders seem to be unable to do that, at least with much conviction! As the sister of a Nam veteran I know first hand what war, especially an illegal war, can do to the living! While the pain of losing a loved one may stay with you it does not become all consuming year after year as does someone you love coming home a changed individual! Never to be the person you remembered! This administration has shown itself to be the lowest kind of cowards! Create a dirty mess! Have others do the clean up! I believe we wanted Saddam dead! The dead can't talk! Nuff Said?

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