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Friday, December 29, 2006

When is enough, finally enough?

When is enough, finally enough? This President didn't serve his nation but
has had the audacity to shamelessly demand the abusive burnout of those
who have! We've lost face in the world! We continue to spit in the faces of
all who have served & are understandably burned out!

A lie took us to war! This administration will not yield until more die
to secure the lie! Americans that continue to back this President have
little respect for this nation and her fighting men and women!
Those who continue to support this conflict are hypocrites
who gladly demonize those of us who are ashamed
that America's leaders think so little
of her suffering soldier!

Time to find a way to fall back! We've not accomplished anything unless
you believe that the death and maiming of tens of thousands of Iraqis,
the loss of almost 3000 Americans with the severe maiming of 20,000
more is an accomplishment! This administration has embarrassed
America! Dishonored her seniors! Willfully denied her poor!
Ignored the hardships of Victims of Katrina! And what
about the veterans who make it home? What's
to become of them? What will be
the long range result of
Depleted Uranium?


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