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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Please consider signing this should you agree with it's content after reading it with it's simple to the point language. NESARA reads much like the original document of the Constitution...

The pernicious actions of many of our leaders over these many years should be the eye opener needed to do something innovative, courageous with an eye on peaceful resolutions to the worlds problems. Our fore fathers showed great courage and resolve all those many years ago.. In order to get this nation and this beautiful planet back on "The Peaceful Track", we are obligated do the same..

We are at a serious impasse in our nation. Sanity, compassion and integrity of the spirit must find it's way back into the thoughts, hearts and minds of all peoples.. Only through peaceful action is that even remotely possible..!

has laid out it's simple truths! The phenomenal power of this great universe has worked through those who have been touched by the wondrous possibilities of NESARA, and it has given believers of truth and justice the power to keep it alive, until it's time.. It's my belief it's time has come and it's now time to usher in the power of love that the God of the entire universe would approve of. The God who loves this planet Earth and all her peoples would like all of it's inhabitants to be able to find a resting place, where contemplation, not impatience, where Charity, not greed, resides...

Feed back is always welcomed...

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and pray you will give serious consideration to signing as well.

Barbara, Dan, Gene, Charles, Jan..
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Assume Nothing! Question Everything!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Just Who Are We?

I have not yet confirmed this action but it certainly would not surprise me... Let's see if the Pres. has a photo op. with these trucks as his backdrop... I will follow up as info comes in.

There are rumors that the trucks with the much needed relief supplies having left two days ago were held up when they arrived....

American people’s lives have been on the line for a week, Children, women, elderly, the infirm. WE need to scream out....

"Why was there no Affirmative, Humanely,
Committed, Purposeful Action taken,
Many days ago"

Where is the humanity for our own, Mr. President? Why were the weak, ill, aged and the poor not moved to higher, safer ground before the storm hit? Where is the Governor of La.? The same place Gov. Ann Richards of Texas was when "The Branch Davidians" were targeted, cowtowing?

Children do not last long without water Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco of La... Their little bodies will start to deteriorate quicker then an adults will with no food or water... With all the dead bodies, and contamination, disease will not be far behind. Without food and water immune systems will run down and be compromised...

Keep in mind main stream media has no problem giving this bad actor his 60 seconds of fame while he reads his script!

This tragedy is something that should rile people of conscience to "Affirmative Action"...This insensitive, self centered man, has shown extreme cruelty towards his nations people, he certainly has not shown the compassion of a Christian given his handling of this terrible tragedy...

This storm would not have had the opportunity to be as devastating as it was on these lives, if GWB were a decent individual... This is a black eye on this nation's President and the nation! This indecisive act is clearly looking deliberate in its intent... Reminiscent of the way GWB governed Texas. He was so judgmental he would not allow for appeals and it is said, innocent people, DNA on at least two later proved this to be true, died, because of this mans twisted idea of justice...

Note: GWBS' father participated in a deceptive act just before he and Reagan took office... It seems that the Iranians, who we all know were holding American hostages in Iran, were told not to negotiate their release to Jimmy Carter. Carter, who had worked tirelessly, had finally made some real headway. Old man Bush made a deal instead for the Iranians to wait until after Reagan was sworn in. Iran/Contra? Remember El Salvador and Nicaragua?

Shortly after this, old man Bush, Rummy and other cronies went to bed with Iraq's Saddam, supplying Saddam with the weapons to fight Iran, and also giving Saddam the Chemicals, which he eventually used to gas 5000 Kurds. And you all know how that went down over here! We should have been enraged to action then and there, as we watched those bodies of women, children and even their pets lying where they once stood...

No! Old man Bush was going to wait to mete out justice on saddam's evil act on the Kurds until he was re-elected believing re-election would be a shoe in for him, given his Desert Storm success. We all know or should know that Saddam went too far for old man Bush when he waged war with Kuwait. This was the only reason for Desert Storm!

Saddam's beef with Kuwait had something to do with "Oil" which the Kuwaiti's were siphoning from Iraq's oil reserves on their respective borders.

This act of aggression by Saddam without his holiness's approval, angered Bush, as those weapons we supplied Saddam earlier were not to include an attack on Kuwait even if this oil theft were true, which it has been proven to be just that; True! Kuwait was stealing Iraqi Oil! Did we know?

Then there was Ben Ladin of the Saudi family and our participation with assisting he, Ben Ladin, and the Taliban, in getting the firepower they needed to fight the Russians for some 7 years. It was the Taliban and Ben Ladin who sacrificed dearly, finally braking the financial "Back Of Russia"; thus leading to the major media events/hype that followed.

Reagan/Bush took all the bows for having defeated Communism with the wall dividing Germany eventually falling... Now we want Ben Laden. We have Saddam, somewhere. Then there's the trillion dollar gas reserves which run through the country of Afghanistan that had no bearing on anything...Think Not!

And now we are at war in Iraq and it's been going on for years, many innocent people dying on both sides. Still looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? I think not! But they have been found they reside in the White House!

Just Who Are We?
America's Shame!
Let's see what tomorrow brings...!
Assume Nothing! Question Everything!
When Dreams Die, So Goes Greatness!
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From: "colin buchanan"
Sent: Monday, September 05, 2005 10:02 AM
Subject: Mutiny in Iraq?

Rumours Of US
Troops Mutinies In Iraq
Wayne Madsen Report

US Embassy in Baghdad inquires into reports that American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers. WMR has learned that the US embassy in Baghdad is checking into reports that U.S. troops in Iraq, including National Guardsmen, Army and Marine Corps Reserves, and regular military troops from Louisiana and Mississippi, have mutinied against their officers and are demanding to be immediately sent back home to help their families. It is not known whether the reported mutinies involve physical violence. The reports of rebellions among U.S. troops are filtering out of the Green Zone and at Baghdad International Airport from Iraqis who are are working alongside their American counterparts at both locations.
Response to Mr. Colin Buchanan- Mutiny in Iraq?

Betrayal by Their President!

This should not come as any surprise to reasonable people, should it indeed be true? Wake up America! “Americas Shame” has enraged those who are being sacrificed in a strange land, Iraq, while watching helplessly as their loved ones are suffering and dying, being sacrificed by this baffoon in the White house.. What would you or I do, given the circumstances?

God of mercy and love please assist and protect these good folks who may be part of this rebellion in Iraq. Their quest is reasonable! To be home in a time of need for their loved ones, especially since the government that sent them to Iraq has not seen fit to do it's part, is more then understandable! See that they are not shot and or quietly imprisoned. Their deep pain and feeling of helplessness at this moment, is being felt in the lives of many good folks around the nation, who also feel the betrayal of leadership is monumental at this dire juncture!

Betrayal is at the heart of this! While they are sent to war supposedly looking for WMD and to protect Americans from outside tyranny; Tyranny has been born and bred on the home front! It's evil intent is destroying the hope for future of these souls from Louisiana. Are those in Iraq expected to watch as the lives of their loved ones are looked on as fodder for the jackals? This snails pace crawl to aid these folks caught in this deadly storm is an abomination of the highest proportions...

When Dreams Die, So Goes Greatness!

Assume Nothing! Question Everything!